Training & Coaching

Frappant is always approaching the training and coaching part from the point of view that the person in the organisation needs to grow and develop before the organisation can grow. This is coming from my true my experience that i have had in the past with trainings and coaching sessions. Very often they had a very good structure and content. But the way the trainings where delivered was not good or they ended up to be a read me true the book session. In this way people will not be motivated to learn, even the oposite people will be starting to dislike training sessions. In this way people will develop a anti training mentality and will be arriving demotivated at any training session.

To overcome this issue we will be working with tailor made solutions for every customer. This is always done based on a intake conversation. During this conversation we will ask the person who is leading the team and the team members to participate This will allow us to detect the real issues, as we have learned that what people say is not always what they really mean. It will also allow us to better understand the real issue. Based on the intake we will be able to modify and develop our training packages, so they are a good fit for the participants. During the intake we will also ask for examples where things went wrong or where people wanted to act differently the next time. This will help us to have the participants feel more involved during the training sessions. And this will result in more motivated people that are willing to learn.

Getting people to learn is the challenge of every coach and trainer. Frappant is doing this by teasing the people and let them discover what is out there for them to learn. By doing this people will start to show interest and are open to learn new things, and this is the moment where people will start to learn.

For the training and coaching missions Frappant is working together with other self employed trainers and coaches. This to make it possible to offer to every customer the best possible coach or trainer.